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YongKang ANFA Co.,Ltd. 
Headquarters Address: 16th Floor,JinShan Mansion, HQ centre , Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province,China 321300
Chemical Plant: Xiasha Industrial Area,ShaoWu ,Fujian Province 
Foundry Plant: XiaoShiBa Technical Industrial Area, KunMing, YunNan Province 

Tel:  +86-579-87262335
Fax:  +86-571-56389026
Email: sales@anfacorp.cn / anfacorp@yahoo.com
web:  www.anfacorp.cn

About us
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Welcome to ANFA Corp ! 

Thank you for choosing ANFA Corp as your important business partner!It is pleasure to be of service !

 YongKang ANFA Corporation limited , established in 1995 , is a modern enterprise that incorporates research & development, production and business operation. The group consists of YongKang ANFA Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiande ANFA Mining Co., LTD., ANFA Wear resistant casting INC , and YongKang ANFA Import and Export Co., Ltd.  Taking market as orientation, the company provides technical solid chemical industry and machinery products and services.  Through close cooperation and communication with excellent scientific research units, the company established the market-oriented product research and development center, equipped with advanced production and testing equipment, perfect operation monitoring system as well as experienced technical service team. Following quality management system operation procedures strictly, the company aims at providing customers with quality-stable products and technical support all-around.


Subsidiary Company :

          1 > Feng Yuan Chemical Co.,LTD

          2 > ANFA Chemical Co.,LTD          

          3 > ANFA Mining Co., LTD

          4 > ANFA Wear Resistant Casting INC 


         Yongkang ANFA Co.,Ltd has been earning reputation as Forda foundry for 20 years from 1995 supplying premium gray iron , ductile iron Located in Xin Da Road, West city Industrial Area ,YongKang. We are the qualified supplier of Motorcycle Brake stuff for China DACHANGJIANG GROUP CO.,LTD .And India Hero Honda.And wehave received admired comments,especially ,been awarded :ZCW'S Excellent Supplier . Now we have become the drafting unit of Chinese national standard of Motorcycle brake stuff.

         In 2005, We constructed a 20000m2 plant along 330 National Road .This new facility enabled us to meet and exceed growing customer demand .

     In 2009 , joint venture Feng Yuan Chemical Co.,LTD is founded in FuJian Province invested by company managements . Supplying Hydrofluoric Acid , Ammonium Bifluoride , Fluorosilicic Acid and other fluoride chemicals etc .

       In 2010 ,ANFA Chemical Co.,Ltd is founded focusing on the research and development of new fluoride chemicals supporting by College of Environment and Chemical Engineering ,YanShan University .

       In 2010 ,joint venture ANFA Wear Resistanct Casting INC is founded in YunNan Province invested by YongKang ANFA Co.,Ltd and YunNan JinYa Casting Co.,Ltd . Supplying Manganese steel casting .       




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